Cream Bean Berry was born of a desire to serve frozen treats you can truly feel good about.

Durango already had five craft breweries, a soda maker, potato chip producer as well as several chocolatiers and other locally produced goods, but still no ice cream. You could say we did it for the kids, but then again, we’re all young at heart.

We partner with local growers to offer seasonal flavors based on what is currently being harvested and when we can’t get something in our region, we source those ingredients with organic goods from companies that pay a living wage. Then, we serve it with biodegradable containers and spoons.

And while we use local goods in our products, our partnerships go beyond what we serve. We are committed to supporting local efforts, donating a portion of our proceeds to causes like chemical free parks. We want to support active lifestyles and the arts, so if you know of an event or group that would like to host our ice cream and put some of those proceeds to good use, drop us a line through our contact form.

So go ahead, feel good about what you put in your body. Enjoy Cream Bean Berry.