Pints & Growlers

What is a growler? How does it work?

A growler is a reusable glass container for ice cream. It is slightly bigger than a pint and costs $1 less than a pint to fill. The first time you buy a growler you pay a deposit for the glass jar and for filling it with ice cream. After that you just pay for the fill. Saves waste and money!

What kind of flavors can I get in my growler?
Growler flavor choices are limited to what is currently available in the store. You bring in your empty jar and we replace it with one that has been washed and chilled. Don’t forget to bring the lid. Replacement lids are $1.
Can I ask for more than one flavor in my growler or pint?
Yes. The maximum is four.
What pints are available on a daily basis?
All of our pints are hand-filled by our servers. Check today’s flavors for a list of available pints. Please note, we post flavors once a day so some flavors may have been replaced by the time you arrive.
Can I order larger quantities?
Quarts and gallons are available on a special order basis.
Can I order pints and growlers in advance?
Yes. Give us a call, and one of our servers can set aside a pint or a growler for you.
What happens if I break my growler jar?
Generally, we will replace it. Accidents happen, and we value your continued business.
Can I return my growler jar for cash?
Yes. You receive your full deposit back if you return it intact. Lost lids cost $1.
What is a growler gift box?
Buy a growler for a friend! You pay for the growler jar deposit and first fill. They receive the empty growler jar and a free fill coupon beautifully wrapped in a fun to-go box! After the first freebie, recipients can continue to use the jar, paying only $7 a fill.

Ingredients, Allergies & Diet

Where do your ingredients come from?
All our milk, cream and sugar is organic. Our dairy products come from Organic Valley, a farmer-owned cooperative. Their products are 100% organic, GMO free and come from pasture raised animals. We use local producers whenever possible. Our suppliers include Honeyville, Southwest Farm Fresh Coop, Colorado-based Growers Organic, Windsong Farm, The Good Food Collective and others.
What do you have for people on special diets?
We usually have 1-2 dairy free options. Our most frequent dairy-free flavor is coconut milk-chocolate. We have an abundance of sorbets in the summer because of the increased availability of fresh, local fruit.

We offer gluten-free cones, cookies and cakes. Please note that our kitchen is small and cross-contamination is a possibility. Those with severe allergies are advised to use caution.

We do not carry sugar-free ice cream. Sugar, honey and agave serve an important chemical function in ice cream flavor and texture. We have not to date discovered asubstitute that maintains the same quality.

How many calories are in your ice cream?
If you have to ask, too many.
Does your ice cream have eggs in it?
No. We use plant-based stabilizers and emulsifiers to bind the ingredients and enhance the texture of our ice cream. We feel these do not interfere with the flavor the way egg yolks do and are more environmentally sustainable.
What does "artisan ice cream" mean?
Artisan means we handcraft all our ice cream in small, carefully formulated, delicately handled batches. If a grower shows up on our doorstep in the morning with a bushel of ripe peaches, we can have those turned into ice cream by afternoon. We adapt to what’s available the way ancient foragers did. In freshness, flavor and artistry, few can compete.

Gifts, Shipping, Ordering Online

What can I order online?
You can order ice cream cakes or pies online. Give us two business days in advance.
Can you ship ice cream to me?
We cannot ship ice cream, ice cream cakes, or ice cream pies.
How can I transfer ice cream when traveling long distances?
Dry ice works best! Some of our customers have even taken Cream Bean Berry on their plane ride home.

Ice Cream Cakes & Pies

How many people does an ice cream cake serve?
  • 8 adult-size portions
What flavors of cake do you offer?
  • Vanilla or chocolate cake base plus your choice of ice cream
  • The flavor of ice cream you can choose depends on what is available. Please check our Facebook or website to see the current flavors.
What is an ice cream pie?
Our ice cream pies are made with your choice of ice cream (check our website or Facebook for available flavors) and a delicious cookie crust (chocolate chip, double chocolate, lemon, gingersnap, or gluten-free/vegan snicker doodles) *Lemon cookies and gingersnaps are seasonal.
Is there dairy in your ice cream cakes or pies?
There are small amounts of dairy in both the icing and the cake. We do not have vegan ice cream cakes or pies.
What kind of decoration can I request?
The cakes are not very large, so we are limited in what we can write on your cake. Keep it simple! For example, “Happy Birthday, Katie!”
How long should I take the cake out of the freezer for before cutting it?
Take the cake out of the freezer and temper for 5-10 minutes before cutting
Do you have pre-made ice cream cakes?
No; All cakes must be ordered in advance
How far in advance do I need to put my cake order in?
Two full business days (Mon-Friday). You can pick up a cake on the weekend, but you need to order it by Wednesday.

Even More Questions!

Can you mail gift cards?
We do not mail gift cards, but you can order one over the phone or online, and the recipient can pick it up in store
Do gift cards expire?
Do you have a public bathroom?
Feel free to use our public restroom! We are not stingy!
Who takes care of your composting?
A local company called Farm to Table Compost takes care of all our composting needs.
Are any of your products compostable?

Our paper products are backyard compostable. Our spoons are made of agave plant residuals and are compostable in a commercial facility. Our aluminum cups are recyclable.

Does your dairy contain antibiotics? Do you source locally?

We partner with local growers to offer seasonal flavors based on what is currently being harvested. Our milk and cream comes from Colorado dairies that use organic practices, though not all are certified.


Can I plan a field trip or private small group tour of Cream Bean Berry?
We offer field trips and group tours upon request. Please, email Katie Burford at for scheduling.
Does Cream Bean Berry sell in bulk? Do you cater?

Yes, we offer bulk quantities of ice cream. Email for pricing. Unfortunately, we do not cater.

Do you donate gift cards and/or ice cream for charity events?
We do! Stop by the shop with your information or email Katie at with your request.